Video news release:  
  Hidden Frame Damage
 in Thousands of used Cars

If properly repaired by trained technicians, the frame of your dream machine will be as good as the day it left the factory, and the car you’ve fallen in love with, (at least the chassis) will be capable of providing you with years of faithful, reliable service.

But how can you be sure? The only way to verify the actual and current condition of the vehicle frame is to have it inspected and measured to insure it is within the vehicle's original specifications.

AutoScan is specifically designed for this purpose, and there are authorized AutoScan Inspection Centers located around the country. In just a few short minutes, an AutoScan technician can quickly and precisely:

1) Measure your vehicle’s frame down to the last millimeter

2) Compare those exact measurements to the correct measurements for that specific vehicle make and model

3) Provide you with printed documentation that tells you if the frame is within the vehicle's specifications

To find the frame inspection center nearest you, simply enter your zip code in the "Locate Your Nearest Vehicle Frame Inspection Center " box and click SEARCH. The location(s) of the Inspection Center(s) nearest your will appear.

Get the peace of mind of knowing that the frame of your dream car will not cause you to wake up screaming at night. A quick and easy frame inspection will verify that your vehicle frame properly conforms to the vehicle's exact specifications.

Pleasant dreams.

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